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The African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), Covenant University, provides strategic, practitioner-based training courses that will inspire positive change in leadership and leadership practice operations across Africa and the world. Due to our programme participants' diverse representations and contexts, the Centre provides a variety of options to fit varying availability schedules of programme participants ranging from weekend, one-week executive, and long vacation options for each of the programmes. In addition, ALDC offers two (2) to three (3) day course programmes, online diploma and customized seminars and workshops, which are flagged from time to time.

External Programmes

Next Generation Leaders Series

The Next Generation Leaders Series is specially designed for Young Emerging Leaders and Millennials who want to take on leadership roles. It caters to prospective tertiary institution freshers and undergraduates' needs to develop their leadership competencies as they prepare to take on leadership roles in the future as next generation leaders.

Sessions are facilitated in an ambience that is empowering, positively challenging and inspiring, thereby promoting a situated learning and practice-based experience. Facilitators for the various courses are pulled from the internal and external context of Covenant University, based on proven expertise and practitioner-based experience. They are renowned persons in their fields, with an impressive pedigree and track record. The key objectives of the Next Generation Leaders’ Series of programmes are to:

  1. Prepare youth to identify personal and organizational capacities necessary for leadership improvement.
  2. Enhance each participants growth and development of relevant leadership skills and dispositions.
  3. Develop leadership competencies in youth as they prepare to take on leadership roles in the future.
  4. Increase each participant’s understanding of leadership and develop leadership skills.

Leadership Development Masterclass

The Leadership Master Class Series is specially designed for Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors (MDs), Human Resource Managers, and Administrators to develop leadership competencies and enhance quality delivery in the workplace.

ALDC leverages several different training methodologies that enables attendees’ benefit from the robust and empowering experiences of leadership development facilitators. Participants will have sessions facilitated in an empowering, positively challenging and inspiring ambience, thereby promoting a situated learning and practice-based experience. Facilitators for the various courses are pulled from the internal context of Covenant University, based on proven expertise and practitioner-based experience. They are renowned persons in their fields, with an impressive pedigree and track record.

Certificate in Leadership Development

The Certificate in Leadership Development Studies was designed to develop visionary and strategic capacities for Leadership. The programme was geared at preparing individuals in responsive leadership in professional, organizational, socio-political, economic and personal contexts. It inspires and enhances leadership development skills for driving growth at all levels of engagement

ALDC’s Certificate in Leadership Development (CLD) programme is put in place to develop leadership aptitude via scholarship, capacity building, and leadership practice over the span of three months. Her focus is to advance Covenant University’s vision of “Raising a new generation of Leaders”, particularly in the African Continent. At the end of the programme, participants will be issued a Certificate in Leadership Development, with specified competencies gained. Students will earn 70 credit hours to qualify them to register for the Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) Programme at Covenant University. It will give participants seeking next-level positions/ positions of leadership/ managerial positions an edge.

I have learned from CLD that leadership is not a position, it is about influencing people and creating positive change, and leadership is not about authority, it is about service. I thank the ALDC team, as this is the best, most organized and orderly course I have ever attended. Today, I have become much more valuable than I was in the organisation.


Paul Ehiagbonare

Team Lead, Branding Platforms and Development Operations, 9Mobile Nigeria

Everything I have wanted answers to have been answered during this programme. Business-wise, it has opened up a new horizon for me and I have transformed from being a transactional leader to a transformational leader. In all, the lessons learned have gone a long way in making me a better leader and enhanced my status and capacity for my entrepreneurial and nation building drives.

Bukola Ladoja

President, Founder and CEO, Manna Foodies and Allied Products

Internal Programmes

Towards a Total Graduate (TTG)

Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) is a programme specially designed to prepare students for their commencement into the World of Works and life after university, following their graduation from Covenant University. TTG is packaged to provide students with a platform where they are equipped via a selection of highly inspiring lectures, skills training and group interactions cutting across foundation in Principles of Spirituality/World of Work/Personal Development.

TTG can be described as a bridge-builder between the university and the World of Work. It provides a secure and holding base for students as they are groomed to become Total and Rounded graduates, ready to transition from university to the World of Work and engage with the realities of the university's external context post-graduation. The Chancellor of Covenant University's words at the first Matriculation Ceremony in January 2003, while envisioning future pathways for the university, is apt in communicating the essence of TTG. Dr. David Oyedepo said, “.....We are committed to producing into the labour force active agents of change whose appearance will lead to a new demonstration of integrity, probity, assiduity, and sustained growth”.

The TTG programme's main objective is to ensure that there is alignment between the overall experience and skills acquired in the university and the external context of the World of Work. This should make the students fit to deliver relevant contributions that graduates from the university context are expected to bring on board to the societal and work contexts.

Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD)

This course is designed to provide training and learning platforms for leadership development that will sensitize and equip students to think solutions and generate vision, goals and plans as talents are nurtured, potentials harnessed towards spearheading the change envisioned. The Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) will focus on imparting leadership skills and capacity to individuals preparing to function in positions of responsibility and those entrusted with leadership at different levels.

Our quest in this regard is to awaken the Leader in this programme's students and empower them to take charge of all their endeavours and callings. The Diploma in Leadership Development will provide a theoretical and practical framework by creating a strong link between the foundation programme of the Certificate in Leadership Development Studies programme and the expectations for applying Leadership thoughts and skills in addressing the everyday challenges in different contexts.

Total Man Concept (TMC)

The Course, Total Man Concept is premised on accessing the total make up of humankind from the spirit, soul body dimensions. It is not just enough to offer an educational/learning package that will stimulate students intellectually; it is more important to present a package that is integrative in focus in terms of relating to the needs of humankind in all life ramifications.

The objective here is to prepare and equip students with the relevant life skills and mindset, which will provide anchorage as they wade through the tidal waters of life and everyday living with its attendant challenges. The course sets out to explore the purpose and pursuit of life principles for making the most of life in actualizing man’s dominion status.

Lunchtime Conversations

The African Leadership Development Centre in Covenant University launched the Lunchtime Conversations (LTC) in 2018. The LTC's goal is to drive intentionality in stirring up knowledge solutions to the Leadership gap in Africa and our nation Nigeria. It is a platform that has been rolled out, where individuals are invited to have conversations over lunch concerning crucial leadership issues in Nigeria and Africa.

Why Choose ALDC?

Six unique features that make us stand out amongst others

Innovative and Cutting-Edge Training

ALDC sets itself apart through cutting-edge and innovative leadership training programs. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and forward-thinking strategies, ensuring that our leaders are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic challenges of the modern world.

Holistic Approach to Development

Our programs extend beyond leadership skills, incorporating entrepreneurial, social, political, and economic dimensions. ALDC provides a holistic approach to development, preparing leaders for the multifaceted challenges of the modern world.

Christian Ethos of Leadership

Experience leadership education rooted in Christian values. ALDC uniquely integrates faith-based principles into our programs, shaping leaders who lead with purpose, integrity, and a commitment to positive impact.

Collaborative Learning Community

At ALDC, learning extends beyond the individual. We foster a collaborative learning community where participants engage with peers, mentors, and industry experts. This collaborative environment enhances networking opportunities and encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Global Impact, African Roots

ALDC is dedicated to cultivating leaders who not only excel globally but also remain deeply connected to their African roots. Our programs emphasize the importance of contributing to the advancement of nations in Africa and beyond.

Direct Group Engagement with Dr. David Oyedepo

Gain unparalleled insights from our founder, Dr. David Oyedepo, a renowned leader and visionary. ALDC offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in special group mentorship sessions facilitated by Dr. Oyedepo, tapping into his wealth of leadership experience and wisdom

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