The African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), Covenant University, provides strategic, practitioner-based training courses that will inspire positive change in leadership and leadership practice operations across Africa and the world. Due to our programme participants’ diverse representations and contexts, the Centre provides a variety of options to fit varying availability schedules of programme participants ranging from weekend, one-week executive, and long vacation options for each of the programmes. In addition, ALDC offers two (2) to three (3) day course programmes and customized seminars and workshops, which are flagged from time to time.

📍 Undergraduate Programmes

The Course the Total Man Concept is premised on accessing the total make up of humankind from the spirit, soul body dimensions. It is not just enough to offer an educational/learning package that will stimulate students intellectually; it is more important to present a package that is integrative in focus in terms of relating to the needs of humankind in all life ramifications. The objective here is to prepare and equip students with the relevant life skills and mindset, which will provide anchorage as they wade through the tidal waters of life and everyday living with its attendant challenges. The course sets out to explore the purpose and pursuit of life principles for making the most of life in actualizing man’s dominion status.

This course is designed to provide training and learning platforms for leadership development that will sensitize and equip students to think solutions and generate vision, goals and plans as talents are nurtured, potentials harnessed towards spearheading the change envisioned. The Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) will focus on imparting leadership skills and capacity to individuals preparing to function in positions of responsibility and those entrusted with leadership at different levels.
Our quest in this regard is to awaken the Leader in this programme’s students and empower them to take charge of all their endeavours and callings. The Diploma in Leadership Development will provide a theoretical and practical framework by creating a strong link between the foundation programme of the Certificate in Leadership Development Studies programme and the expectations for applying Leadership thoughts and skills in addressing the everyday challenges in different contexts.

📍 Towards a Total Graduate (TTG)

Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) is a programme specially designed to prepare students for their commencement into the World of Works and life after university, following their graduation from Covenant University. TTG is packaged to provide students with a platform where they are equipped via a selection of highly inspiring lectures, skills training and group interactions cutting across foundation in Principles of Spirituality/World of Work/Personal Development.  TTG can be described as a bridge-builder between the university and the World of Work. It provides a secure and holding base for students as they are groomed to become Total and Rounded graduates, ready to transition from university to the World of Work and engage with the realities of the university’s external context post-graduation. The Chancellor of Covenant University’s words at the first Matriculation Ceremony in January 2003, while envisioning future pathways for the university, is apt in communicating the essence of TTG. Dr. David Oyedepo said, “…..We are committed to producing into the labour force active agents of change whose appearance will lead to a new demonstration of integrity, probity, assiduity, and sustained growth”.

The TTG programme’s main objective is to ensure that there is alignment between the overall experience and skills acquired in the university and the external context of the World of Work. This should make the students fit to deliver relevant contributions that graduates from the university context are expected to bring on board to the societal and work contexts.