Career and Professional Women Conference (CPWC)

The purpose of the conference was to raise more consciousness about women aspiring to leadership positions, sitting at the table, where decisions are made. Also, the conference was set to highlight and stir up solutions to gender parity issues within the context of the Nigerian and the African societies, thereby sparking off conversations that will bridge the gender gap across different sectors of the society.

The conference targets women in Academia, Business, Industry and Ministry.

The conference focused on empowering participants to interrogate and dismantle the shackles of the status quo, so as to enable them to reconstruct new identities, by becoming more adequately equipped and situated, to scale new heights in their respective fields of endeavour.

The key objectives of the 2018 edition were to 

  1. Interrogate the current status quo concerning gender parity issues especially within the African context
  2. Chart the pathways to proffering solutions to issues of gender parity by identifying key drivers of change and critical steps for advancement in gender inclusivity in the workplace.
  3. Identify practical steps that women can take within their day to day business and career activities to change the current stereotype of women in the workplace.
  4. Encourage active participation of women in taking active steps to bring the solutions proffered to life for success in their business and career.

I have learned from CLD that leadership is not a position, it is about influencing people and creating positive change, and leadership is not about authority, it is about service. I thank the ALDC team, as this is the best, most organized and orderly course I have ever attended. Today, I have become much more valuable than I was in the organisation.


Paul Ehiagbonare

Team Lead, Branding Platforms and Development Operations, 9Mobile Nigeria

Everything I have wanted answers to have been answered during this programme. Business-wise, it has opened up a new horizon for me and I have transformed from being a transactional leader to a transformational leader. In all, the lessons learned have gone a long way in making me a better leader and enhanced my status and capacity for my entrepreneurial and nation building drives.

Bukola Ladoja

President, Founder and CEO, Manna Foodies and Allied Products

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