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Leadership Development Short-courses


Covenant University announces the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) Specialized Short-term courses specially designed to release youth's leadership potential with a view to transforming the future.
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Leadership is the big issue of the hour in our great Continent of Africa today.

Indeed, several nations of the world are devastated by prolonged wars and seemingly unending conflicts due to failed leadership. The greatest challenge of Africa in the 21st century is leadership. Therefore, the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) is poised to address issues of Leadership Development across diverse contexts. I believe that the ALDC’s search for solutions to this immense challenge is a highly noble endeavour. The Centre is established to equip participants of the Leadership Development Programmes with relevant knowledge and skill-sets, which will make them rescue and change agents wherever they are.

Dr. David Oyedepo, Chancellor, Covenant University & Visioner, ALDC

Welcome to the website of the African Leadership Development Centre, Covenant University.

The thrust of the Vision and Mission of the Centre is nurturing Transformational Leaders for our Nation, Continent and World, through Leadership Development. This will translate to advancements in capacity building, leadership and governance across diverse platforms. The briefs flagged below situate the African Leadership Development Centre with respect to the Centre’s background, Vision, Mission, Objectives and programme emphasis.

Dr Lanre Amodu, Director, African Leadership Development Center

Our Programmes

Leadership Development for Educators

These are 3 - 5 days designed to help you expand your leadership toolkit as an Education profession. These short courses provides you with the skills to lead and administrate with impact and influence, as you take the opportunity to investigate the dynamics of leadership.

Specialized Leadership Short Courses

The African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) Specialized Short-term courses is designed to develop leadership capacity among the youth who are the custodians of the future of any nation. These courses are in modules and successful candidates will receive a leadership certification from ALDC.

Next Generation Leaders Series

is specially designed for Young Emerging Youth Leaders who want to take on leadership roles with the aim of developing their leadership competencies as they prepare to take on leadership roles in the future as next generation leaders.

Leadership Development Masterclass

is specially designed for Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Human Resource Managers and Administrators with the aim of developing leadership competencies to enhance quality delivery in the workplace.

Certificate in Leadership Development

is a 3-month programme leadership development training put in place to develop leadership aptitude via scholarship, capacity building and leadership practice, with the goal of “Raising a new generation of Leaders” particularly for Africa. .