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PLD Clearance Portal

We're thrilled to see you reach this milestone. Congratulations!

Welcome to the PLD Cohort 1 Clearance Portal! Congratulations on reaching this final stage of your Professional Leadership Diploma journey. This portal serves as your last step before receiving your diploma certificate.

Please confirm that you've fulfilled all the criteria for PLD Cohort 1 full clearance: - Completion of all six courses (Course 1-6) and Activities - Submission of the Capstone Project - Attainment of a passing grade across all courses and quizzes

If you have, then we invite you to complete the feedback form below as part of your clearance process. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve our programmes and ensure that we continue to provide valuable learning experiences for all participants.

Once you have submitted your feedback, and if all other requirements have been met, your certificate will be processed to your email afterwards. Thank you for your dedication and commitment throughout the PLD programme.

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