Professional Leadership Diploma (PLD)

Thank you for your interest in our Professional Leadership Diploma. Enrollment for Cohort 1 has officially closed.

You can join our waitlist for Cohort 2 and be among the first to know when enrollment reopens.

Stay tuned for updates on future cohorts and other exciting opportunities. We appreciate your consideration of ALDC for your leadership development journey.

Embark on a Transformative Journey With our Professional Diploma

A six-week online intensive leadership development diploma meticulously designed to ignite and nurture your leadership potential. Join the league of transgenerational leaders ready to make a lasting impact across Africa and the global stage.


True Leadership is Scarce

Our mission is driven by the understanding that with a global population exceeding 7.9 billion, the demand for leaders who can tackle diverse challenges has never been more critical.

“True leadership is scarce and has become one of the major reasons for the problems in the world, in nations, in communities, in families, and homes. Every problem you see that lingers is a reflection that someone, who is supposed to lead is not taking responsibility.”

Stephen Oluwatobi, PhD | Interim President, Covenant University Alumni Association

Cohort 1 is ongoing.

Programme Calendar for PLD Cohort 1

What You’ll Get:

Embark on a journey of rapid growth. Our Professional Leadership Diploma compresses a significant amount of learning into six weeks, empowering you with the six connected parts for impactful leadership: Leadership Mastery, Strategic Solutions, Innovation Dynamics, Financial Fluency, Professional Proficiency and Startup Success.

Access courses at your pace through our user-friendly platform. Your login details provide continuous access, allowing you to revisit course materials for up to one month after the initial six-week duration.

Our curriculum is finely tuned to concentrate on specific modules crucial to your success in various domains and industries as a leader.

Apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios through practical, hands-on components embedded in each course.

Connect with fellow leaders and engage in a special group mentorship session with the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, drawing from his rich leadership experience.

Crafted with clear outcomes in focus, the Professional Leadership Diploma empowers you to embrace the mindset of a leader, equipped with the precise skills needed to fulfill your leadership assignment. It guides you to harness the dynamic force of innovation to co-create with God. The programme is strategically tailored to aid you in optimizing resources, applying the gift of effective problem-solving, and ensuring your leadership contributions stand the test of time. Additionally, you’ll gain the expertise to seamlessly start and execute projects across various facets of your leadership expressions.

Join a private Facebook group for ongoing support, intermittent check-ins, recommended texts and additional learning resources. Extend your learning beyond six weeks.

Submit a final project applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, showcasing your acquired skills.

Upon completion, you receive a prestigious Diploma in Leadership from the African Leadership Development Centre of Covenant University.

The Professional Leadership Diploma [PLD] contains a bundle of six (6) courses:

to help you master the connected parts for impactful leadership


Maximizing Your Leadership Potentials

The course aims to expose participants to the origin of leadership and everyone’s heritage as a leader. It also teaches time-tested principles for maximising leadership potentials through the management of the four components of leadership.


Effective Job Readiness Skills

This course exposes participants to critical skills required in the workplace. It covers the importance of personal branding and skill of effective communication. It teaches how ideas can be presented in clear and functional ways, whether you’re transitioning or getting started on your career.


Create, Innovate, Invent and Sustain

To reveal to participants the secret to achieving lasting impact as a leader. The course also teaches principles for sustaining and improving successful leadership outcomes. Leverage the dynamism of innovation to co-create with God in your leadership assignment.


The Art of Problem Solving

This course focuses on the valuable requirements for leadership growth. It explores the process of planning and problem-solving, leveraging the gift of problem-solving for timeless leadership contributions. There are problems indicating that there are leaders to solve them.


Business Startups

This course focuses on the attitudes required for a leader to excel. It teaches the potentials of a startup and how to be visionary. It positions participants to seamlessly start and execute projects and businesses across various facets of their leadership expressions.


Chancellor's Masterclass

Delivered by the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, this masterclass equips participants with principles of effective financial stewardship. Participants will be exposed to leadership wisdom that will enhance godly and purposeful finances, effectively leveraging resources to deliver your leadership.

Diploma Facilitators

Meet our expert team of facilitators

Dr. David Oyedepo

Chancellor, Covenant University

Pst. David Oyedepo, Jnr

Resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle

Dr. Lanre Amodu

Director, ALDC

Dr. Azubuike Ezenwoke

Deputy Director, ALDC

Dr. Ada Peter

Director, Centre for Learning Resources

Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Assistant Deputy Director, ALDC

I have learned from CLD that leadership is not a position, it is about influencing people and creating positive change, and leadership is not about authority, it is about service. I thank the ALDC team, as this is the best, most organized and orderly course I have ever attended. Today, I have become much more valuable than I was in the organisation.


Paul Ehiagbonare

Team Lead, Branding Platforms and Development Operations, 9Mobile Nigeria

Everything I have wanted answers to have been answered during this programme. Business-wise, it has opened up a new horizon for me and I have transformed from being a transactional leader to a transformational leader. In all, the lessons learned have gone a long way in making me a better leader and enhanced my status and capacity for my entrepreneurial and nation building drives.

Bukola Ladoja

President, Founder and CEO, Manna Foodies and Allied Products

Earn Your Diploma in Leadership – Enroll in PLD

Professional Leadership Diploma [PLD]

A six-week intensive leadership development diploma meticulously designed to ignite and nurture your leadership potential.
(Self-paced, Online)

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must possess a National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, or Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

Proficiency in English is essential, as all course content is delivered in English. Basic computer skills and reliable internet access are required for online participation. Additionally, applicants must submit a compelling statement of purpose, detailing their motivation and alignment with the diploma program and their life's purpose.

Enrollment comes at a fee, but this is solely a commitment fee, incomparable to the value of the diploma. It's important to note that the tuition itself has already been covered for you, and the fee is solely your commitment fee.

I loved the way the facilitator simplified digital literacy and tied it to leadership, using vivid examples. Initially, I was wondering if my efforts to build digital capital were worth it. I’ve now become more encouraged to show up as a digital literate, to make impact and to publish it. So detailed and rich.  The facilitator is a gifted teacher. His voice carries his passion into the words he uses and beckons the ready heart to act. Highly Impactful         

Gbemisola Oluwasina

I have become better in my non-verbal gestures and I am more intentional about finding my purpose. I loved the fact that, the session was practical as it related with real life situations. They really got me thinking; I was not bored at all, because it was engaging and the style at which he delivered was superb! I loved it. I heard for the first time vital points I have not heard anywhere else before. I really hope we could have more of his sessions.

Osajimere A.

Excellence in leadership begins with investment in knowledge.
- Dr. David Oyedepo

Why Choose ALDC?

Six unique features that make us stand out amongst others

Innovative and Cutting-Edge Training

ALDC sets itself apart through cutting-edge and innovative leadership training programs. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and forward-thinking strategies, ensuring that our leaders are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic challenges of the modern world.

Holistic Approach to Development

Our programs extend beyond leadership skills, incorporating entrepreneurial, social, political, and economic dimensions. ALDC provides a holistic approach to development, preparing leaders for the multifaceted challenges of the modern world.

Christian Ethos of Leadership

Experience leadership education rooted in Christian values. ALDC uniquely integrates faith-based principles into our programs, shaping leaders who lead with purpose, integrity, and a commitment to positive impact.

Collaborative Learning Community

At ALDC, learning extends beyond the individual. We foster a collaborative learning community where participants engage with peers, mentors, and industry experts. This collaborative environment enhances networking opportunities and encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Global Impact, African Roots

ALDC is dedicated to cultivating leaders who not only excel globally but also remain deeply connected to their African roots. Our programs emphasize the importance of contributing to the advancement of nations in Africa and beyond.

Direct Group Engagement with Dr. David Oyedepo

Gain unparalleled insights from our founder, Dr. David Oyedepo, a renowned leader and visionary. ALDC offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in special group mentorship sessions facilitated by Dr. Oyedepo, tapping into his wealth of leadership experience and wisdom

Join the Waitlist for Cohort 2

Enrich your life, advance your career, and become a transformative leader. Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your journey towards success.

Still Have Questions? We have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the duration of the Professional Leadership Diploma?

The diploma spans six weeks, with continuous access to course materials for an additional one-month post-programme.

Where does it hold, and where does it take place?

The diploma is entirely online. The six-course bundle is accessible on our online learning platform, along with our community hosted on a closed private Facebook group.

Is this leadership diploma suitable for professionals from any industry?

Yes, the diploma is designed to benefit professionals from any industry since leadership skills is needed across board.

What qualifications are required for enrollment?

Eligible candidates should hold a National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, or Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Additionally, a statement of purpose expressing motivation is required. Also, note that the course content is entirely delivered only in English language.

Can I access course materials at my own pace?

Absolutely! The courses are hosted on our online school, allowing you to learn at your own pace within the one-month post-program access window. However, we recommend finishing all the six courses within the six-week window.

How is mentorship facilitated in the diploma programme?

Participants have the unique opportunity to engage in a special group mentorship session facilitated by Dr. David Oyedepo online, where they can glean from his wealth of leadership experience in the final Chancellor’s Masterclass

What happens after the six-week program concludes?

Participants can continue their learning journey in the closed private Facebook group, with continuous access to course materials for an additional one-month post-programme.

Is there a fee for this diploma?

Yes, there is a fee, it’s solely a commitment fee, incomparable to the value of the diploma. The tuition component itself has been covered for you.

How come the fee so incredibly affordable?

We appreciate your keen observation! The value of the diploma significantly exceeds the commitment fee. The affordability is part of our commitment to making leadership education and nation-building efforts accessible for African states and the global community. It's important to note that the tuition itself has already been covered for you, and the amount is solely your commitment fee.

What follows after payment?

Once payment is made, wait a second, you will be redirected to the enrollment page where you will input your full details as a student of the Professional Leadership Diploma. Also, you'll receive a mail containing your electronic receipt to confirm your payment in your email inbox. Furthermore, as part of the onboarding process, you will receive your login credentials for both our online learning platform and the private Facebook group once enrollment closes.

When will the next cohort start?

Details about the next cohort will be communicated. Stay connected and watch out for updates and announcements. However, we recommend you join this first cohort as much as possible.

Why this bundle of six transformational courses in this Diploma?

The bundle aligns with the vision of our Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, aiming to ignite the leadership potential of participants. Seize this opportunity to maximize the value of the diploma. Soon, the courses will be offered individually, but joining the diploma now provides gives you more value and presents the best offer and opportunity.

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